what are we trying to accomplish, leaving the city behind, watching the lights recede into the sacred dark of nature.

what is natural. what did we discuss. living the high life on the edge of apocalypse we feed each other information and satisfy primordial desires.

yet we all agree, things fall apart.

yet when have they not.

the orbit of the earth is a slow process of falling into the sun, and missing.

we share what we can, tossing word salads.

i spent two days without technology, chatting about technology. i am a cyborg.

so the environment grows up around us, and we tend it and prune it to our liking. or let it grow. the blossoming colors of the gowanus canal speak loudly of our uniquely suited abilities to appreciate our anthropocene context.

living on the brink of a new world, do we stop to ponder too often where we’ve come and spend less time appreciating where we’re going?

radical networks, we form amongst ourselves. an amazing talk by edward vielmetti on emergent network architecture that parasitizes and then proliferates on existing systems. is it necessary that we reuse older methods? memetic network evolution propels us forward faster than the past can provide security.

paige peterson spoke on the insecurities of a networked existence and design ideas to consider as our networks grow, as we train them to shield our privacy and work for us rather than the other.

other network-based projects demonstrate how worlds are shared - digital libraries, digital infrastructure, digital resistance, while networked neighbors ask how was your day.

post_humans look forward to the future, and repurpose the infrastructure of the present to meet our needs. our rate of expanding knowledge and capacities overtakes our abilities to predict the near-term needs of anyone who is not exactly us. or, brings the limitations of our attempts at prediction into stark focus.

compare our future day with 1985. the singularity: are we there yet?

leaving home, post_human preflight check:

  • google maps’ suggested route
  • review bike map
  • charged phone with google map left open (location disabled)
  • tire pump, tire patches, charged front & rear lights
  • gloves, hat, helmet, bandana, blob-enhancing sunglasses
  • layers for evening
  • half-filled water bottle
  • plastic bag (for seat cover or sweaty clothes)
bike route through three boroughs

seeing an estimated 12+ miles to your destination can be discouraging. the raw number belies the invigoration of biking the urban jungle.

gradients of people rush by to the sound of wind. traffic patterns emerge, merge, submerge, but staying afloat is easy as keeping toes on the pedals and pushing.

what more could be desired from this sacred union with the city infrastructure?

minimal minimap.


image capture.


handsfree pov.

[for an artistic rendering of the authentic nyc biking experience, the author recommends viewing premium rush, but does not endorse throwing away your brakes.]