last weekend a glitch occurred in the matrix of new york: the back alleys of the internet took physical form at the knockdown center in queens at the internet yami-ichi.

as a curious post_human i felt practically called to attend this event. these were my people. or bots. or bot-people. the only way to find out was to show up – or find a periscope.

i ventured forth in my best #weatherpunk garb as part of the delegation from WEATHER IS HAPPENING, boston’s premier weather service. we spent the day ogling what the net has wrought, and urging all to REPENT.

the weatherteam and portable weather desk (photo by chris romero)

what does weather have to do with the internet, you might wonder? much like the internet itself, emergent atmospheric phenomena are at once global and local. changing temps are something that we can all relate to, and find solace in sharing on the social avenues available.

WEATHER IS HAPPENING embodies a glorious tradition of merging of virtual and real that precedes the internet of things: the internet of weird.

real U virtual at yaminyc

post_humans crave connection, and guard our attention. how many online weather services exist to sell our most precious resource? not so at WEATHER IS HAPPENING. your dignity is respected, and in fact your personal relationship with the weatherlords is all but monetizable.

WEATHER IS HAPPENING adhesive emblems and sky-blob enhancing glasses were hot items at the black market - though no substitute for actual intimate connection with the weatherlords’ eye.

when i wasn’t hawking repentance, i wandered around bashfully admiring the world’s largest in-joke, annotating as i ambled. the thch meme traders spoke to me in the language of the future: obscure imagery and ideas at affordable prices. and also megaphones.

post_humans crave novelty, and the internet yami-ichi had quite a concentration; however certain patterns emerged: the lab coat of authority.

post_humans crave lab coats - at least 4 booths presented in full scientist regalia, two of which were internet-related medical services, more evidence that the healthcare industry is prime to be disrupted.

as some wise guy in the christian bible once quipped, there is no new thing under the sun. it can be easy to forget that all memes have their roots in, at least the parameters of biological function. but internet enthusiasts revel in remixing projects like mike richison’s 16 step social instagram video sequencer. does this lead to memetic bloating, like a poorly-maintained code base cobbled together by anyone with a keyboard? or just a really good time?

post_humans are self-deprecatingly aware of our dependence on memetic substance. the no phone is a kick-started brick of plastic that serves as a luddite prosthesis. deconditioning stickers quietly comment on our attention’s mismanagement - a cry for moderation, a whisper of empowerment.

and yet even in the black markets, art persists. expression ranges from of pixelated anatomical pillows of dani leggard, to the twitter bot chapbook from the ephemerides of allison parrish, to analog instagram filters. post_humans crave beauty that washes ashore among the digital flotsam, polished smooth by contact with many minds, and comforting in its intellectual ergonomicity.

we project our visions onto everything, even screens that are projecting light onto our fevered brains.

post_humans reject linearity and the dichotomies it imposes - in favor of networks and dissonance. the post_human world is grand and beautiful; it is petty and frantic; it is connected and isolating. it must be experienced to be understood.

i’ve been cultivating a fascination with grassroots network infrastructure ever since i had the pleasure of reading unwirer by charles stross and cory doctrow.

a walking tour of copley square in boston inspired me to consider what sanctuary might be like for post_humans – certainly connectivity is high on the list of essential post_human rights.

it was with great delight that i had the chance to catch up with new york’s own band of unwirers, the nyc mesh crew.

nyc mesh is enabling the usa to join in the international movement for free and community-owned internet connectivity; in spain is the world’s largest such network, with 27,000+ nodes that provide internet coverage to catalonia and other parts of spain. is another large network, in germany, whose community has been instrumental in developing the batman node firmware that is deployed on many such mesh networks.

connecting to nycmesh node at dba

i connected to the nyc mesh on my smartphone, right there on the spot. once connected, i could surf the web as normal – and i also had access to content that is available only on the mesh servers, such as wiki.mesh.

nyc mesh wiki

we brainstormed about content that might be helpful to serve up on the local mesh. i’d like to use a collaborative wordsmithing tool, such as etherpad or an expressive web chat client like – something that might simulate the feeling of sitting on the front porch, chatting with your post_human neighbors.

i was a bit dubious about my own ability to start hosting content on the mesh, but i was assured that i could easily configure a raspberry pi to be a perfectly functional web server – and start contributing to the growing mesh community in nyc.

i’m still doing a bit of research before installing a node of my own – and clearing it with my flat mates who own the “roof access” that would be valuable real estate for the router – and i look forward to linking up soon!

this rad cadre of post_human network evangelists meets weekly at d.b.a. in the east village.

today’s idea for #post_human fashion:


shirts with subtle geometric patterns that might entertain fellow metro-travelers with spatial puzzles to solve.

sounds like: bees and bombs manifested on a screen print.

fashion for social good. post_human performative social gifting.