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“what time is it?”

an innocuous question, but for the peculiarities of the date. tonight is our designated windfall.

“it feels later than 1:30!”

i comment to a fellow party-goer upon checking the time on my phone.

while we were chatting, dancing, drinking, and celebrating, our devices auto-updated. our attention was elsewhere and at the government-appointed moment, a fundamental measure of our lives was altered.

precise time-keeping is a relatively recent phenomenon, too recent to be affected by any but the mildest selective cultural pressures. and yet our lives are ruled by it. we hoard time and spend it wisely. we waste time on pleasurable and frivolous pursuits and judge selfworth in busy-ness. we are what we make time for.

back in the club, my friend notices my wrist watch. i am a cyborg but not uncynical about my technological agency. is anyone qa testing the human api for physical dimension?

“we can fact check this!”

indeed the second opinion reveals that our timelines have diverged with our selves of half-hour passed.

day light savings strikes again.

tribeca 2016

adventures at tribeca film festival virtual arcade, a collection of vr experiences and shorts.


Published on 23 April 2016


Published on 06 November 2015